Chocolates for eternally young !!

We’ve been in the chocolate business for over 70 years. In this time, we have developed a nice repertoire of seasonal and festival-specific sweetmeats and snacks. We have some extraordinarily rich and delectable sweets in here suitable as Corporate Gifts too. And we also make special concoctions just for your company, or for that family get-together you’ve been planning for years.

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Our Speciality


At Murthy’s Confectionaries, we don’t merely mix various branded coco powders or ready chocolate slabs and food ingredients to make our chocolate.


Biscuits from Murthy's Confectionaries are a provem case of liquidity crunch... Quite the reason our biscuits are actually the crunchiest ones you’ve ever had.


Let us growup one cake at a time... Most of our customers believe every day is a birthday. Well, take a look at our cake counter and you will, too!


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