Biscuits from Murthy’s Confectionaries
are a provem case of liquidity crunch…

Quite the reason our biscuits are actually the crunchiest ones you’ve ever had. Of course, to taste them all in one go will be like having at least 5 meals at the same time. Because we at Murthy’s Confectionaries manufacture 36 different varieties of biscuits. Besides taste, our biscuits are low on fat and fit as supplements to healthy diet. Most importantly, our brand doesn’t use artificial flavours or preservatives.

We emphasise on natural ingredients and have developed a process that ensures no nutrients are lost during manufacturing. Currently our Sweet Biscuits range includes Cashew, Cocoa, Coffee, Fruit, Ginger, Milk, Nutmeg and Shrewsbury flavours, and as you’d guess, the delicious creamy ones children keep demanding. For the calorie-conscious, we have a line of sugar-free, whole wheat, Ayurvedic biscuits.

Add some spice to the mix…

At Murthy’s Confectionaries, you will find mouth-watering savouries too. Like our cheese and rich butter biscuits or the exciting Cheese, Paneer, Jeera and Garlic Sticks.

All in all, you have a wide choice in biscuits and savouries under one roof. And some great benefits. Like getting your kid to have milk without the daily coaxing. Or having the perfect companion to a steaming cup of tea when guests arrive. Or keeping the hunger pangs in the early afternoon at bay by popping in a fatless cookie. And there is always the convenience of buying in whatever quantity you need.

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