At Murthy’s Confectionaries, we don’t merely mix various branded coco powders or ready chocolate slabs and food ingredients to make our chocolate. We procure cocoa beans and have our own trademarked process to manufacture chocolate from them. Our trained workforce and standard equipment ensures that when you taste a chocolate product from Murthy’s, you get that special texture, feel and flavour that we so fondly call the Authentic Indian Chocolate. A rigorous quality assurance testing helps us ascertain maximum storage life.

Our range is immense, and we recommend you check out every one of them. For starters, why not pop in our chocolate truffles to experience the cool viscous chocolate core gently trickling out of the melting smooth exterior? Or check out our assorted chocolates with varied flavours like mint, dry fruits & nut, coffee, berries and so on. Our premium chocks range is just that – Premium – with popular varieties like Honey Flakes, Chocomine, Nougatin and others.

And we have special variations on dark and milk chocks for kids, like our line of highly moderated and health-certified chocolate bars and tablets shaped as numbers, alphabets, toys and animals.
Chocolates from Murthy’s aren’t hard on the teeth. The sensation you have once you place them in your mouth is a real treat for connoisseurs.

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